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We are Thailand’s largest Paper Manufacturers of Copy Paper and

Other paper products at factory prices. Our papers are FSC certified.

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T.R.E.V.E.X INTER CO., LTD – FSC Certified Papers from farmed trees.

T.R.E.V.E.X INTER CO., LTD manufactures, exports, and distributes various types of papers and paper products. Established on the 21st of August 2006 in the ancient province of Lampang, we have grown to become the largest paper factory in the Kingdom of Thailand. In a short period of time, our paper company has become a well-recognized supplier of A4 copier paper, paper rolls, A3 copier paper, origami paper, paper tissues, and color papers in A4 and A3 sizes. T.R.E.V.E.X INTER CO., LTD supplies paper products across prominent destinations like France, UK, Germany, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Kenya, and many other countries covering the entire continent. Our associate partners are valuable assets. Our objective is to manufacture a wide range of paper products providing quality at the best prices.

Health & Nutrition Articles

Double A Copy Paper

PaperOne Copy Paper

HP Copy Paper

IK Plus Copy Paper

Navigator Copy Paper

Hammermill Paper

Mondi Rotatrim Paper

Xerox Performer Paper

Copy & Laser Paper

Data Copy Everyday Paper

Chamex Copy Paper

Thermal Paper Rolls

Our papers are FSC certified. We have a world-class team of designers and industrial engineers. Our company’s broad portfolio of products extends from superior quality short fiber large paper sheets to innovative stationery products and premium copy papers all made of sustainable fiber from T.R.E.V.E.X INTER CO., LTD Trees, which is grown along the rice paddy ridges of more than 1.5 million farmers across the Kingdom of Thailand through a uniquely solution to the sustainable sourcing of fiber that we call PFFT – (Paper From Farmed Trees).​ A4 printing paper. A4 Copy Paper For Sale.

Fast Shipment

Rely on T.R.E.V.E.X INTER CO., LTD shipping partnerships with leading freight companies like Maersk, T.C Logistic Services, MSC and COSCO for your fast goods shipping.

Smart Technology

T.R.E.V.E.X INTER CO., LTD uses the latest technology from its paper productions right up to distributions network such as to facilitate its international market demand.

24/7 Support

To Crown it all, customer support is number one of our competitive market advantage as we have a support crew of 27 staffs on stand-by to answer all your queries.

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