We started with a simple idea.

T.R.E.V.E.X INTER CO., LTD is a professional factory specializing in high-end printing and packaging paper. We boast advanced production equipment, a team of experienced technical staff, and a professional sales team. We can meet diverse client requirements for various paper products. In the paper business industry, our product quality is stable and reliable, with timely delivery.

We strive to provide the best service and quality throughout the entire business process. We consider product quality as the lifeblood of our enterprise, with innovation driving our development. Our factory pursues excellence in every detail to ensure customer satisfaction. Our products are widely used in printing, packaging, publishing, daily necessities, and other fields.

Our products are exported to markets in Europe, Central America, South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa, reaching 47 countries and regions. We have earned the trust and praise of all our customers. Looking to the future, we will continue to base our operations in the domestic paper industry while expanding our presence in the global market. We are planning a new round of strategic development, focusing on diversification and environmental protection. Our goal is to achieve mutual growth with our upstream and downstream partners.

We will continually strive for improvement and aim to become the most respected manufacturer.

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Respect Nature - Automate - Growth

With global warming on the increase and species and their habitats on the decrease, chances for ecosystems to adapt naturally are diminishing day by day. In this current scenario, owing to the growing consumer demands, the pulp and paper industry is now offering more and more environmentally friendly paper options. The eco-friendly and quality-certified paper production industry has tremendously increased in the last two decades. T.R.E.V.E.X INTER CO., LTD uses waste paper as the raw material to manufacture high-grade paper products. T.R.E.V.E.X INTER CO., LTD only manufactures eco-friendly products that are comparable to international standards in the paper production industry. Every one of our employees is aware of how important it is to save our planet from the effects of global warming and deforestation and build a clean, green, eco-friendly environment for us to lead long, healthy lives.


Respect Nature - Automate - Growth

Sure, here's the revised text with the company name replaced: --- T.R.E.V.E.X INTER CO., LTD has the latest technology and a very skilled team to manufacture large-scale paper products to fulfill all the needs of our customers. In our production line, T.R.E.V.E.X INTER CO., LTD uses slitting machines to cut Jumbo paper rolls to manufacture various types of paper products. Our business is conducted in all aspects according to ethical, professional, and legal standards, and our business code acts as a guideline to our employees. T.R.E.V.E.X INTER CO., LTD is committed to quality in every aspect of the operation and satisfying our customers. T.R.E.V.E.X INTER CO., LTD is synonymous with premium quality paper, which is reflected in customers' trust in its products enjoying the ‘Brand’ status among its competitors. T.R.E.V.E.X INTER CO., LTD's status as the largest selling multi-functional office paper is not by chance but through its efforts over the years.



Sure, here is the revised text: --- As a responsible company, T.R.E.V.E.X INTER CO., LTD recognizes the importance of a cleaner environment. With the consideration of environmental responsibility, the company manufactures copier papers using a raw material and a technology that protects the earth’s resources. The Company is committed to green production, resource conservation, and responsible waste management. T.R.E.V.E.X INTER CO., LTD maintains responsible waste management and a reduced pollution load.